Tread Plate Aluminium

Tread plate aluminium is widely used in construction, decoration and other fields. It has lots of advantages, like good-looking appearance and skid-resistance, etc. There are various types of tread plate aluminium, the most commonly used is  aluminium 5 bar tread plate. Our aluminum tread plate thickness is from 0.2 mm to 20 mm. And we support customized service to meet all your requirement. Aluminum tread plate 4 × 8 is the most common used size. We are the leading aluminum processing company in China, and have rich experience for more than 15 years. We dedicate to build a better world through our green aluminum products. Welcome to get in touch with us.


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aluminium 5 bar tread plate
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Aluminium Tread Plate Dimensions

Alloy: 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000, and 8000 series

Temper: All tempers

Thickness: 0.2-20 mm

Width: 300-1950 mm

Length: Up to 8000 mm/Coil

Note: Support customized service

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Aluminium Sheet Alloy Composition Chart

Chemical elements % Percent
Al Remain
Si 0.25
Cu 0.10
Mg 2.2-2.8
Zn 0.10
Mn 0.10
Cr 0.15-0.35
Fe 0.40

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Aluminium 5 bar Tread Plate

Aluminum sheet with decorative design is called tread plate aluminium. There are various kinds of aluminium tread plate, including aluminium 5 bar tread plate, 3-bar aluminum tread plate, aluminium stucco sheet, lentils type, prismatic sheet, round bean shaped sheet, ablateness sheet. However, we commonly used is aluminium 5 bar tread plate.

5-bar aluminum tread plate has a lot of advantages, such as the good-looking appearance, skid resistance property and so on. It is widely used in transportation, construction, decoration, mechanical components and shipbuilding etc. Generally, aluminium 5 bar tread plate does not ask for much about  its mechanical properties, this does not mean we can ignore their properties, just means the good-looking appearance is also important. Because of it`s aesthetic performance and skid resistance, it is a popular material for construction and decoration. If you want to purchase sheet aluminum of these features, aluminium 5 bar tread plate is suitable for you. Above all, we provide all sorts of aluminium tread plate and 5-bar aluminum tread plate is our hot product. Welcome to contact us to get the latest information of aluminium 5 bar tread plate.


Typical aluminium 5-bar tread plate
Typical 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate

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 Aluminium Tread Plate Thickness

Usually, aluminium tread plate thickness of us is from 0.2 mm to 20 mm. But in the matter of fact, we support customized service to meet all your requirement. Different thicknesses of aluminium tread plate have different applications, the thicker of sheet aluminum, the higher of strength. Commonly we used is 3 mm aluminium tread plate, it can perfectly used in many fields, what is more, the 3 mm aluminium tread plate weight is convenient for shipment. However, you should choose the suitable aluminum tread plate thickness according to your actual situation.

In fact, we are professional aluminium tread plate manufacturer, and provide complete aluminium tread plate thicknesses. Welcome to contact us and help you get the correct thickness.

Aluminum Tread Plate 4 × 8

Aluminum tread plate 4 × 8 is a common used sheet metal material around  the world. In fact, tread plate aluminium is a high-cost material in modern society. It has a wide range of uses, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, cars, packaging pipes, platforms, screen skeleton, a large variety of hanging beams, chair, table handle, legs, cable cover and trough, etc. if you want to know more about aluminum tread plate 4 × 8, you can get touch with us and get the latest information about it.


common aluminum tread plate
Common Aluminum Tread Plate 4×8

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Aluminium Tread Plate Sizes

There are all kinds of tread plate sizes in the market. Different aluminium tread plate sizes have different applications. Whether you are used in construction or decoration, you should choose the correct aluminium tread plate size. Do not ignore this detail, choosing the correct aluminium tread plate size is important before you buy it. If not, you will face lots of difficulties after you use it.

As an international aluminum processing company, we have all sorts of sizes for you to choose, such as aluminium sheet 4× 8, 2  4 aluminum sheet, 4× 4 aluminum sheet, 4×6 aluminum sheet, 6×8 aluminum sheet, etc. but according to our international marketing experience for over years, the most common used is aluminium sheet 4× 8. Of course, this is just a reference, the suitable size must be according to your actual situation.

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Aluminium Tread Plate Suppliers

As one of the leading aluminium tread plate manufacturer in China, we provide a full range of tread plate aluminium, with different types, tempers, thicknesses and sizes, to meet all requirement for you. There are a large quantity of aluminium tread suppliers whole the world, we can not say we are the best in the world, but we are never stop pursuing the most advanced  technology and equipment, and improve our production efficiency to reduce the cost of entire aluminum processing industry. So that consumers can purchase alloy aluminum products with superior quality and favorable price.

Founded in 2002, we are dedicate to be the leading aluminum alloys company, and we can make contribution to make the world better. Because we product green products and propose to build win-win relationship between consumers and suppliers. If you would like to know more about us-Jinyang Aluminum, please contact us, let us be a part of your successful story.


aluminum tread plate factory-Jinyang
Aluminum Tread Plate Factory of Jinyang Company

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Aluminum Tread Plate Prices

There are different aluminum tread plate prices in the market, so how to choose the reliable company with reasonable price is important for consumers, the aluminum tread plate price is related to its processing fee, thickness, size and stock price etc.

As an international company, we have abundant aluminum tread plate stock for sale, we adopt the advanced technology and equipment, to guarantee quality and quantity assured. We have professional expert team to make sure the best service for you.

Jinyang Aluminum specializes in design, research, production of aluminum processing. We are both aluminum tread plate manufacturer and supplier and dedicate to make contribution to a better world. If you are interested in our tread plate aluminium, please contact with us, we will respond you quickly.

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