Aluminum coil alloy for sale

Aluminum Coil Price

Aluminum is the most abundant element in the world and is the third most common metal including 8% of the earth’s crust. The versatility of aluminum makes it the most common used alloy metal after steel. It is widely used in all walks of life, such as construction, decoration, packaging, automobiles and electronic engineering etc. Because the aluminum coil price is affected by global aluminum ingot stock price. So the price is unstable. But as a reliable and international aluminum coil & sheet supplier, we dedicate to improve our production efficiency to reduce the cost of consumers. Abundant aluminum roll stock, high quality, sincere service and fast delivery are our advantages, welcome to contact with us!


Aluminum coil alloy for sale
Aluminium coil for sale-Jinyang Aluminum

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Aluminum Alloy Series Chart

Series Primary Alloy Elements
1000 Aluminum
2000 Copper
3000 Manganese
4000 Silicon
5000 Magnesium
6000 Magnesium&Silicon

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Common Aluminum Alloy Composition and Applications

Alloy Al content (%) Alloying element Uses and refs
1050 99.5 Drawn tube, chemical equipment
1060 99.6 Universal
1070 99.7 Thick-wall drawn tube
1100 99.0 Cu 0.1 Universal, holloware
3003 98.6 Mn 1.2: Cu 0.12 Universal, signs, decorative, rigid foil container
Aluminum Coil Price
Uses of aluminium in our daily life

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Aluminium Alloy Composition Chart

Chemical elements % Percent
Al Remain
Si 0.25
Cu 0.10
Mg 2.2-2.8
Zn 0.10
Mn 0.10
Cr 0.15-0.35
Fe 0.40

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Aluminum Coil Applications and Features

Aluminium and aluminium alloys are one of the most widely used economical materials. World aluminum production since 1956 has been the top of the non-ferrous metal production. The current production and consumption of aluminium is second only to steel as the second largest metal for human use. Moreover, aluminum is abundant in resources. According to preliminary calculations, the mineral reserves of aluminum account for more than 8% of the earth’s crust. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have many properties and the main characteristics of it is light weight and corrosion resistance. In addition to, its high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and excellent formability, making it widely used in various different industries.


Aluminum coils are extensively used in all walks of life, such as packaging, transportation, construction, consumer goods and electrical engineering etc. But usually the thinner aluminum coil is used in packaging. Aluminum foil packaging is broadly used in food industry. Many groceries are easily affected by sunlight, which worsens their taste and damages their appearance. Aluminum foil solves this problem in the best way, which is why it is generally considered the ideal core packaging material for dairy products, pastries and drinks. For example, sealed packages made of laminated foil have a two-year shelf life.


We have quite rich experience in manufacturing aluminum coil for over 15 years. Furthermore, we have favorable aluminum coil price and abundant coil aluminum stock. Welcome to get in touch with us!

Aluminum coil application-for packaging
Aluminum coil application-for packaging

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Aluminium Rolls for Sale

The Strength of Aluminum Coil Supplier & manufacturer-Jinyang Aluminum

  • Company profile: Established in 2002, over 15 years manufacturing experience, involved in design, research, manufacture and supply, Jinyang Aluminum headquarters in Changge City, Henan province. it very close to Zhengzhou, enjoys a quite convenient transportation, including air, railway, roadway and water transport.
  • Employees: Professional technical team and responsible sales team. There are 113 technical team of experts.
  • Technologies: Use the most advanced production technology. High polishing technology ensures a good gloss and smooth surface. In addition, we keep adding money to research and development and many of our technologies have been patented.
  • Equipment: Top cutting line provides a broad range of aluminum alloys specifications.
  • Production capacity: Annual production capacity of 300,000 tons / year.
  • Social responsibility: Our social responsibility lies in creating jobs, develop green environment and so on. Jinyang Aluminum industry develops fast over these years, from a small sapling to a towering tree. As a member of society, we gives back to society constantly from different aspects. For example, In May 12, 2008, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan. In May 16th, the company organized a donations.
  • Global markets: Our aluminum alloys products selling well all over the world. Because of our competitive aluminum coil/sheet price and superior quality, Jinyang has exported more than 26 countries in recent years as an international aluminum alloys manufacture & supplier.
  • Enterprise culture: We regard quality products, sincere services and innovative development as our company purpose. And we always stick to “customer first”. Altitude is our privilege.
  • Enterprise honor: As a reliable aluminum coil supplier & manufacturer, we have attained lots of honors, such as: major taxpayer; small and medium enterprises of science and technology in Henan Province; a-level Enterprise of Changge city and demonstration enterprises for energy-saving and emission-reduction etc.

Due to the advantage of our aluminum coil & sheet price, we get a rapid growth. We encountered many challenges and difficulties these years, but every time we can pull them through by our advantages. We believe we have all characteristics that a top company should have. We invite you to share the fruits of economic globalization with us and enjoy the successful story together.


Aluminum roll manufacturer-Jinayng LUYE
Aluminum roll manufacturer-Jinayng LUYE

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Aluminum Coil Price

Jinyang provides a wide range of alloy aluminum coils and sheets that meet all requirements in various finishes and tempering. We have the common aluminum coils for sale, we also have specific aluminum coil, such as color coated aluminum coil, brushed aluminum coil and painted aluminium coil etc. As a powerful aluminum coil manufacturer and supplier, we have sufficient aluminum roll stock for your order, we not only provide all various types of thicknesses and sizes of aluminum roll, custom aluminium coils are also accepted by us. In a word, we can meet all your requirement.


aluminum roll for sale
Jinyang aluminum roll stock

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Our aluminum coil price is related to the price of aluminum ingots closed stock price on that day and products processing fee. There are different aluminum coil stock prices online, but we can assert that our aluminum coil price is favorable and competitive. So join us and enjoy the successful story together!


If interested in our aluminium coils or aluminium sheets, please send inquiry or Email to us, we will give you a definite reply timely!


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