1060 aluminum coil for sale

1060 Aluminum Coil

1060 aluminum coil, 1050 aluminum coil and 1100 aluminum coil are pure aluminum alloy, all of them belong to the 1000-series aluminum alloy. The aluminum content of them is more than 99 percent. The last two numbers of pure aluminum-series means the minimum aluminum content, for example, the last two digits of 1060 aluminum coil is 60, according to the international brand naming principle, the aluminum content of qualified 1060 aluminium roll products must more than 99.6 percent. 1060 aluminum roll has lots of advantages, first of all,  the productive process is relatively simple and the technology is quite mature, so the price of 1060 aluminum roll is cheaper than the other higher grades aluminum alloys. Secondly, with good elongation and tensile strength, it is able to meet the conventional machining requirements. Thirdly, it has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity. Above all, 1060 aluminum coil has been widely used in many fields, such as decoration, construction, packaging, transportation and electronic appliance etc. By the way, Jinyang Aluminum specializes in aluminum processing more than 16 years, we can provide the best products and services for aluminum coil buyers. Moreover, our 1060 aluminum alloy price is quite competitive in the global market.


Aluminum coil product for sale
1060 Aluminum coil product for sale

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The Chemical Composition of 1060 Aluminum Coil

Ai 99.6
Si 0.25
Cu 0.05
Mg 0.03
Zn 0.05
Mn 0.03
Ti 0.03
V 0.05
Fe 0.350

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1060 Aluminum Coil Specification

Typical alloys 1060 aluminum coil
Material status O, h18, h22, h24
Thickness (mm) 0.10-0.3
Width (mm) 300-1600
Length (mm) 800-6000
Typical products Aluminum-plastic panel, lamps, signs etc.

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1060 Aluminum Coil Properties and Applications

The aluminum content of 1060 aluminum coil is more than or equal to 99.6 percent. Also namely the pure aluminum alloy. The features of 1060 aluminum coil including low density, good conductivity, thermal performance, good corrosion resistance and  good plastic processing performance. It has a wide range of applications.


The 1060 aluminum coil is widely used in products with low strength requirements. Products are often used in daily necessities, signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, tall buildings and factory wall body adornment, kitchen sink, fan blade, electronic parts, chemical equipment, mechanical parts, deep drawing of sheet or spinning concave ware, lamp holder, welding part, heat exchanger, kitchenware, ornaments, reflective equipment, electric equipment, stamping parts and other products.


Their typical application is the products with high demands of formability and corrosion resistance and not high requirement of strength.


Aluminum alloys application for bicycle
Aluminum alloys application for bicycle

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The Mechanical Properties of 1060 Aluminum Sheet

Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥60
Offset yield strength (Mpa) ≥15
Elongation (%) ≥22
1060 aluminium coil for sale
1060 aluminium coil

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1060 Aluminum Plate Physical Data

Density (Ib/ cu. In.) 0.0975
Specific gravity 2.705
Melting Point (Deg F) 1200
Moudulus of Elasticity tension 10
Moudulus of Elasticity torsion 3.85

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What are the Properties of Aluminium Alloys

Aluminum alloys or aluminium alloys are alloys in which aluminum is the main metal. The typical elements are copper, magnesium, silicon, tin and zinc. Nowadays, aluminum alloys are widely used in all walks of  life. And Jinyang Aluminum have sufficient aluminium sheet stock and aluminium rolls for sale. Welcome to cooperate with us!

  • The aluminum content of 1000-series is the highest than the other aluminum alloys series. Its aluminum content is more than 99 percent. The product process is relatively simple and the price is comparatively cheap. 1000-series is the most common used aluminum alloy in the general industry.
  • The characteristic of 2000 aluminum-series is that have higher strength. This aluminum series commonly belongs to aviation aluminum alloys and not commonly used in conventional industries.
  • Maganese is the main element of aluminum 3000-series. The aluminum content is from 1% to 1.5%. This kind of aluminum alloy has excellent anti-rust property.
  • Of course, there are the other aluminum alloys, if would like to know aluminum 4000-series, 5000-series etc, please view  our other product pages.
1060 aluminum coil for sale
1060 aluminum coil

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1060 Aluminum Alloy Price

Jinyang Aluminum have rich experience in aluminum processing industry. There are one to one sales support team, professional product recommendations and pricing plans will be offered by experienced sales. We have specialized manufacturing team, After the order, the factory will prepare the high-quality products, and  the Inspection Department, Quality Control Department  can ensure that product quality is in line with national and customer requirements. Meanwhile, steward type after-sale service team is provided for buyers. After-sale service team will arrange the professional logistics to ensure the safety of your goods. If you have repeated procurement needs, your regular stocking will be arranged; if you have questions about product quality, solutions will be offered right away.


Though the 1060 aluminum alloy price is not steady, we can guarantee with our credit that our quality is reliable and price is competitive compared to the other aluminum industry company. If you are a aluminium coil buyer, Jinyang can satisfy with your all kinds of needs, we have aluminum gutter coil for sale, wholesale coils and other aluminium rolls for sale. Looking forward to cooperating with you and enjoying the beautiful success scenery together.


Aluminum coil production
Aluminum coil processing

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Aluminum Coil Supplier & Manufacturer-Jinyang Aluminum

After more than 16 years of development, Jinyang company industry has formed a quite large scale. We aim to establish a healthy and perfect ecological industry group. Thus, we have build a intimate and trusting relationship with the raw aluminum factory and transport company, and we also communicate with the same industry of us so that we can exchange ideas and advance together. We would choose the most reliable raw aluminum factory ensure we can get the most qualified raw material. So we can make the best aluminum alloy products. In a similar way, the transport company that the superior service and reasonable price provided is chosen by us. In this way, can save lots of money of customs. Aluminum coil stock holder-Jinyang Aluminum  is trustworthy for all buyers.


As a aluminum coil stock holder, and a aluminium coil manufacture in China, we dedicate to provide the reliable products and service, and try our best to save more time and money  for customs. This is our motivation and the principle we will always uphold.  Any questions please contact with us.


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