Different types of coated aluminum coil

Coated Aluminium Coil

There are different types of coated aluminium coil, but we commonly used is polyesters (PE), polyvinylidene fluorides (PVDF). Because of the excellent features, such as smoothness, durability, good Mechanical Properties and validity of environmental protection etc, coil coated aluminium is widely used as decorative material whole the world. As an aluminum processing company with more than 15 years, Jinyang Aluminum company provides a full range of aluminum alloys, including various grades, sizes, thicknesses and types. If you have any problems about alloys aluminum or interested in our color coated aluminium coil, please contact us, we will solve all problems for you.


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Coated Aluminium Coil Specifications

Alloy: 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000, and 8000 series

Temper: All tempers

Thickness: 0.2-20 mm

Width: 300-1950 mm

Length: Up to 8000 mm/Coil

Surface: Coated aluminium coil

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Production Process of Coated Aluminium Coil

On one or both sides of a metal strip, three separate layers are continuously applied to a coil coating line. These lines vary highly in size, the widths from 18 inches to more than 60 inches and speeds from 100 feet every minute to 700 feet every minute. However, all coated aluminium coils have the same basic process steps. A characteristic organic coated coils are made up by decoilers, cleaning, primer coat application, final coat application, exit accumulation, recoilers, entry strip accumulator, chemical pretreatment and curing. The modern coating line steps are as follows.


a part of production process of coated aluminium coil
A Part of Production Process of Coated Aluminium Coil


  • Sew the strip to the previous roll
  • Cleaning the strips
  • Power brushing
  • Pre-treating with chemicals
  • Drying the strip
  • Use primer to one or both sides
  • Curing (often only 15 to 60 seconds)
  • Cooling the strip
  • Second curing
  • Cooling down to room temperature
  • Coated coil rewinding

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Different Types of Coated Aluminium Coil

There are different types of coated aluminium coil at present. Available coatings in the market include plastisols, polyurethanes, epoxies, backing coats, polyesters (PE), polyvinylidene fluorides (PVDF) and laminate films. But we commonly used are polyesters (PE) and polyvinylidene fluorides (PVDF).

The polyester (PE) coating on the surface of the aluminum plate can form a solid continuous solid film with protective decorative characteristics, is a kind of resistance to UV ultraviolet (UV) coating, polyester resin is used in the main chain containing ester bond of polymer monomer, add alkyd resin, UV absorber based on gloss and can be divided into series of inferior smooth and glossy. On the one hand, polyester supplies coil aluminium rich color, and have good glossiness and smoothness, what is more, it have superior touch feeling and also can increase the texture and dimensionality. It usually used in the interior decoration and cardboard.

Fluorocarbon paint is PVDF resin mainly refers to vinylidene fluoride homopolymer or copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and other small amount of fluorine-containing vinyl monomer. Apart from the abrasive resistance and impact resistance in mechanical property, it has excellent resistance to fading and UV resistance. It widely used as curtain walls of the world`s many magnificent  buildings because of its wide selection of colors, beautiful and solemn appearance and durability.


Different types of coated aluminum coil
Different Types of Coated Aluminum Coil

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Coated Aluminium Coil Manufacturers

As people pursue beauty more and more, coated aluminium coil is important to our daily life. It widely used as curtain walls of the world`s many magnificent  buildings because of its wide selection of colors, durability, beautiful and solemn appearance. But there are lots of coated aluminium coil manufacturers in the world. So how to choose the reliable company is difficult for us. When we buy aluminium colour coated coils, there are three factors we must consider, quality, price and service. Firstly, rely on the advanced equipment and technology, all of our products can meet the international standards. Moreover, we support customized service, so we can meet all your requirement. Secondly, we always dedicate to increase the production efficiency to reduce the cost of consumers, so coated aluminium coil price of us is competitive around the world. Thirdly, we have professional service team, they are always for you, whether before you purchase or after-sale. All in all, we are reliable and responsible coated aluminium coil supplier.

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Features of Coated Aluminium Coil

Because of the superior properties, coated aluminum coils are widely used in the decoration field and many other fields.

  • The surface has no composite high temperature indentation. There is no residual stress on the plane, and no deformation after shear.
  • The wood grain, the stone grain, has the lifelike physical sense, has the vivid natural aesthetic feeling. The design is casual, and gives customers a wide choice of personality, which can enrich the cultural connotation of products and give people more beautiful enjoyment.
  • Coating, high temperature baking paint, gloss retention, color stability, color distortions is very small. Polyester paint for 10 years, fluorocarbon paint quality for more than 20 years.
  • Good Mechanical Properties. High quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive, advanced composite technology. The product has the anti-bending and bending strength required by the decorative board. In the four seasons, the wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation, expansion, etc.
  • Validity of environmental protection. Anti-salt and acid rain corrosion, it will not corrode live production of poisonous bacteria, do not release any poisonous gas, do not cause the keel and fixed parts rust, flame retardant.
coated aluminum coil stock in Jinyang
Coated Aluminum Coil Stock in Jinyang

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Coated Aluminium Coil Price

Aluminium coil coating price is not stable, the price is related to the aluminum ingot price, processing price, and shipment fee etc, it is also concerned about the thicknesses, grades, sizes and types of aluminum coils that you buy. As a leading aluminum processing company, we provide complete specifications and wide varieties to meet all your requirement. We have a large amount coated aluminum coil  for sale, apart from this , fast delivery is also our great advantage. After you order our coated aluminum coil, we will choose the most suitable and favorable shipping method, let the goods arrive in your hands as quickly as possible. Last but not least, our coated aluminium coil price must be a surprise for you.

If you interested in our coated aluminum coil, or you still have doubts about our coated aluminum coil price, please leave your message below, we will respond you at the speed of light.

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