different types of aluminum sheet in Jinyang

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Buy sheet aluminium is difficult for consumers at present because of  so many suppliers. Sheet aluminium is used widely around the world, not only because of it`s great properties, like anti-corrosion, high strength and lightweight etc, but also it`s higher cost performance. It is extensively used in construction, decoration, transportation and packaging etc. But it is important for us to buy sheet aluminium from reliable company. We can promise Jinyang Aluminum is a responsible and reliable aluminum processing company. We have rich experience for more than 15 years and have professional expert team.


1050 h14 aluminium sheet
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Jinyang Aluminium Sheet Products

Alloy: 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000, and 8000 series

Temper: All tempers

Thickness: 0.2-20 mm

Width: 300-1950 mm

Length: Up to 8000 mm/Coil

Surface: Mill finished, pre-coated, embossed, checkered, mirror, etc

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Common Aluminum Sheet Composition and Applications

Alloy Al content (%) Alloy element Uses and refs
1050 99.5 Drawn tube, chemical equipment
1060 99.6 Universal
1070 99.7 Thick-wall drawn tube
1100 99.0 Cu 0.1 Universal, holloware
3003 98.6 Mn 1.2: Cu 0.12 Universal, signs, decorative, rigid foil container

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Different Types of Sheet Aluminium

Have you ever buy sheet aluminium before? Whether buy aluminium sheet online or in offline store, you should know there are many various different types of sheet aluminium according to their different applications. Due to it is resistance to corrosion, lightweight and other superior properties, aluminum sheet has long been a popular building material. Here are the details about different types of sheet aluminum.

  • Aluminum plain sheet. Aluminum sheets consist of metal material rolled into thin sheet that can be easily bent, drilled and formed for use in building projects. Undecorated, plain aluminum sheet is available in a range of sheet thicknesses and sizes. Large sheet can be applied in construction of architectural material, garden structures or furniture; small sheet, a square foot or less, are appropriate for small parts such as building model.
  • Decorative aluminum plate. Perforated aluminum sheets are made by cutting a shape of holes in plain sheet metal. A perforated pattern is different from a simple circular hole grid and a relatively complex shape, and the sheet is available in various thicknesses to adapt a large amount of applications. Perforated sheets are usually used as decorative material in architectural details like exterior or interior dividers and screens, and then it can add a special touch to smaller building projects, such as cabinets, boxes and furnish.
  • Aluminum sheet roofing. It is consist of passing a aluminum plain sheet through a die that generate a wave-like sketch in the sheet. Corrugation makes sheets stronger, so it is less likely than plain sheet to twist or bend under load. This good feature makes corrugated sheeting a siding material or suitable roofing for small building parts, but corrugated sheets are an popular metal for decorative projects, like fences, planting boxes or wall coverings due to the interest introduced by wavy patterns.
  • Aluminium wall sheets. Because of the quite good characteristics, such as high strength, lightweight, anti-corrosion etc, sheets metal aluminum are more and more widely used as aluminum panels. It has special texture and lots of colors for us to choose, besides, it has a variety of shapes. Last but not least, it has low maintenance cost and quite cost-effective.

There are some other types are not list above. If you would like to know more information about different types of sheet aluminium, you can read the other pages of our website, or email to us, we will respond you sooner.


different types of aluminum sheet in Jinyang
Different Types of Aluminum Sheet

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Different Uses for Aluminum Sheet Metal

Aluminum sheet metal is widely used in all walks of life, like transportation, construction, decoration, power- engineering, consumer goods and packaging etc. There no other alloy metal are so useful, economical and abundant like alloys aluminum. It is not coincident for aluminum alloys become the world`s most popular alloy. It has numerous advantages, but in a word, it has higher cost performance.

  • Aluminium sheet in construction. There is no doubt that aluminum alloys make our life better. It is widely used in construction and decoration. It has lots of great features, such as the clarity of lines, the beauty, the functionality and environmental compatibility. 25% of metal aluminum are used in construction. What is more, it is durable and non-toxic.
  • Aluminum sheet in packaging. Aluminum alloys can form all kinds of shapes, and its protective features have made it the most widely used packaging material around the world. Moreover, aluminum and aluminum alloys can be fully recycled and used very long time.
  • Aluminium sheet in consumer goods. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have become an important part of our daily life. In fact, you may even reading this on a device that made up of aluminum alloys.
sheet aluminium used in construction
Sheet Aluminium Used in Construction

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Three Key Points of Buy Sheet Aluminium

When you buy sheet aluminium, what factors would you consider? Maybe different people have different answers. But as far as we are concerned, there are three key points of buying sheet aluminium. Firstly, we should keep the quality priority. Quality is the soul of products, also the basis of products. So we must survey the quality carefully, including aluminum sheet thickness tolerance, tensile strength etc. Secondly, all of consumers want to buy cost-effective products. For price, you can not find prices are so favorable like us. We always dedicate to improve the production efficiency to reduce the cost of consumers. So price of our aluminum sheet is very competitive whole the world. Thirdly, the service is also quite important to consumers. A company with excellent service can save a quantity of money and time for consumers. In term of this, we have professional expert and sell team, we have gained warm reputation at home and abroad. Finally, welcome to contact us and get the best products and service.


Sheet aluminium stock for sale
Sheet Aluminium Stock in Jinyang

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Aluminum Plate Manufacturer

As an aluminum plate manufacturer, we have the most advanced equipment and technology so that quality and quantity assured. What is more, we are an aluminum plate supplier at the same time, there are abundant aluminum sheet stock for sale. Besides, our aluminum plate price is competitive around the world.

Products of Jinyang Aluminum are selling well all over the world and wining warm praise from customers. If you are would like to buy sheet aluminium, please contact us and get the best answer.

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