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Faced with a wide range of goods online, we are difficult to choose the most suitable aluminum alloy. You would be troubled by where to buy aluminum coil, it not means you do not know which shop you should go, it means you are not sure which aluminum coil supplier you should choose.  If you have such question, it is so lucky for you to read this article. This text would tell you the importance of aluminum alloys and the core question of where to buy aluminum coil.


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The Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are getting more and more popular both in industrial fields and our daily life. For example, it is widely used in transportation, construction, automobiles, packaging etc, due to its excellent properties. it will be easy for you to buy aluminum coil if you know more about the benefits of aluminum. There are more details about the advantages of aluminum as follows.

    • It has a low aluminum density per cubic inch. In other words, aluminum has a light weight. It is about one third of the density of copper, brass and steel.
    • Aluminum has remarkable corrosion resistance to marine atmospheres and common atmospheric. Its scratch resistance and corrosion resistance can be strengthened by anodizing.
    • It has quite high reflectivity and can be applied for decoration.
    • Some series of can equal or even surpass the strength of common steel for construction.
    • Aluminum keeps its toughness at a very low temperature, without becoming brittle such as carbon steels.
    • Aluminum is a excellent conductor of electricity and heat. When measured with the same cross sectional area, the conductivity of the electrical grade aluminum is about 62% of the electrical grade annealed copper.
    • However, when compared with the same weight, the conductivity of aluminum is 204 percent of copper.
    • Aluminum is easily formed and worked using a wide various forming processes including roll forming and deep-drawing.
    • It is non-toxic and is usually used in contact with foodstuffs.
    • Aluminum can be easily recycled.

      Aluminum coil application-cans
      Aluminum coil for cans

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Aluminum Alloys Designations

The aluminum alloy used for plate products is identified by four digital systems managed by the aluminum association. The alloy is conveniently divided into eight groups according to their main alloy elements. The first digit identifies the alloy group is as follows.

1000-SERIES Unalloyed aluminum Purity of 99.0% or greater
2000-SERIES Copper Heat treatable alloys
3000-SERIES Manganese
4000-SERIES Silicon Low melting point alloys
5000-SERIES Magnesium
6000-SERIES Magnesium and silicon Heat treatable alloys
7000-SERIES Zinc Heat treatable alloys
8000-SERIES Other elements

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1050 Aluminum Coil Specifications-Jinyang Aluminum

Typical alloy 1050 aluminum coil
Material status H18
Thickness (mm) 0.10-0.5
Width (mm) 400-1600
Length (mm) C
Typical products Electric capacity, aluminium-plastic panel, ps printing plate, etc.
1050 aluminum coil price
1050 aluminum coil stock

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1060 Aluminum Coil Specification

Typical alloys 1060 aluminum coil
Material status O, h18, h22, h24
Thickness (mm) 0.10-0.3
Width (mm) 300-1600
Length (mm) 800-6000
Typical products Aluminum-plastic panel, lamps, signs etc.
1060 aluminium roll for sale
1060 aluminium roll

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1100 Aluminum Coil specifications

Typical alloy 1100 Aluminum Coil
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38
Thickness (mm) 0.2-4.5mm
Width (mm) 100-2600mm
Length (mm) 500-16000mm
Typical products Heat exchanger, kitchen utensils, processing equipment, chemiacal storage etc.

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Where to Buy Aluminum Coil?

There are so many aluminum coil manufactures in the global market, then choose a reliable aluminum coil supplier with superior quality, reasonable price and sincere service is difficult for consumers. Firstly, we should follow the principle “quality superior” . There are so many aluminum coil suppliers in the market, But there are little companies with rich experience that more than decades years. So consumers are often puzzled by do not know where to buy aluminum coil. In fact, we have quite rich experience for 15 years, and we have superior quality. Secondly, The price is also our concern. There are vary different aluminum coil prices for a same product. Therefore, we must polish our eyes and choose the favorable price. The last but not least, the service is quite significant. We should choose a company with sincere and honest service. Above all, it is surprising that we can conclude a answer, Jinyang Aluminum is your best choice. Because we have all the features described above. So take actions and let us be a part of your successful story.


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Aluminium coil supplier

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Aluminum Coil price

You can see various different aluminum coil prices online, and so what is the reason for this situation?


The formation of aluminum coil price is complex. It is affected by many ways, including the aluminum ingots price, aluminum processing fees, transport costs etc. Firstly, consumers choose the aluminum coil alloys or aluminum sheet alloys according to their actual situation. And buyers need to know aluminum coil stock prices are different for various alloy grades. Furthermore, the thicknesses and sizes of aluminum coil are affect the aluminium coil  price, the aluminum coil weight is also closely related. Secondly, the important factor is aluminum processing fees. We have a outstanding performance in this area due to our advanced production process. So there is favorable aluminum coil price provided for you. Thirdly, we would choose the most reliable and the most economic shipment price. Join us and enjoy the successful scenery together!


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