aluminum cladding metal with great properties

Aluminum Metal Cladding

Aluminum metal cladding is commonly used in construction. It has excellent properties, such as elegant and beautiful appearance, high strength and lightweight. There are a wide use of aluminum cladding material, and various aluminum cladding thicknesses and sizes are providing for you. We are both an aluminum metal cladding manufacturer and supplier, moreover, we have very competitive price. Welcome to contact us and look forward to cooperating with you.

standard aluminum cladding metal of Jinyang
Standard Aluminum Cladding Metal of Jinyang

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What is Aluminum Metal Cladding?

Aluminum metal cladding in construction is the application of one material applied over another to provide a layer or skin and used to provide a degree of weather resistance and thermal insulation, and also improve the buildings appearance. There is a hole between the cladding and the wall, and rain can flow down below. Because its excellent properties, aluminum metal cladding is widely used as construction material. It is getting more and more popular around the world.

aluminum cladding metal with beautiful appearance
Aluminum Cladding Metal with Beautiful Appearance

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Aluminum Metal Cladding Properties

  • Superior weather resistance. It is superior in corrosion resistance, powdering resistance and alkali resistance of ultraviolet light. It will never loses its beautiful appearance in different extreme environment.
  • Light weight and very easy to process. Aluminum metal cladding is quite easy to process since its lightweight(3.5-5.6 kg s / m2) . The processing like cutting, bending and planning to arc can be done by some simple working tools.
  • Multiple colors, coating flatness. Since used the chemosynthesis treatment , having multiple colors. There is more possibility for your choice of the color.
  • Great fireproof property: its core layer is made from anti-toxic polyethylene core materials. Two surface layers are made of aluminium, which is so difficult to burnt. Hence, it is fire resistance.
  • High peeling strength: cladding is manufactured under high temperature and with molecular binding materials and high performance; it has the best-level high strength.
  • Quite easy for maintenance. It has flat and attractive appearance. It has a very good self-cleaning capability even though in some high-polluting area.


aluminum cladding metal with great properties
Aluminum Cladding Metal with Great Properties

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Aluminum Metal Cladding Uses

  • It is usually used to prevent rain and wind from entering into buildings.
  • Aluminum metal cladding can also provide thermal insulation and sound as well as fire protection.
  • It is also used to provide beautiful appearance for a building`s exterior look, make it more attractive.
  • Aluminum cladding material has high strength, lightweight and great durability. It can reduce the load of buildings structure and can provide perfect finish.

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Aluminum Metal Cladding Applications

  • Decoration of interior walls, bathrooms, ceilings, balconies and kitchens.
  • Advertisement boards, signboards and display platforms.
  • Industrial materials, boat materials and vehicle.
  • Decoration reformation storey-addition for old buildings.
  • Shop`s door decorations.
  • Ceilings and wallboards for tunnels.
  • Building exterior curtain wall
aluminum cladding metal with beautiful colors
Aluminum Cladding Metal with Beautiful Colors

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aluminum panel sheet used in construction
Aluminum Panel Sheet used in Construction

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Aluminum Cladding Thickness

Aluminum cladding thickness is must be considered before we buy aluminum metal cladding. Different applications require different thicknesses, and sometimes, it can also up to consumers` subjective needs. Commonly we used are 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm thick aluminum cladding. We suggest that the thickness of aluminum cladding must depend on your actual situation, otherwise, it will affect the safety or your house. In addition, if still troubled by the aluminum cladding thickness, you can email to us to get the aluminum cladding thickness table.

Aluminum Cladding Sizes

Aluminum cladding sizes are the same as the aluminum cladding thickness, it should all depend on your actual situation. The common size is 2440× 1220 mm; maximum cladding size is 6500× 1500 mm. We support customized service, so the other sizes are also available upon your actual requirement. We have advanced technology and equipment to make sure the minimum error. What is more, we will choose the most suitable transport method according your position, to ensure the fast delivery time.

common size aluminum cladding metal
Common Size Aluminum Cladding Metal

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Aluminum Cladding Supplier

We are a aluminum cladding supplier as well as a aluminum cladding manufacturer. So we are factory direct and we have the factory price.  This way is beneficial to consumers because we have the superior quality products and competitive price. Factory direct means there are no intermediate channel cost. So compared to other aluminum cladding suppliers, we have absolute price advantages. We promise we are a reliable and responsible aluminum cladding supplier, providing cladding with high quality and reasonable price for you.

Aluminium Cladding Manufacturers

There are a large quantity aluminium cladding manufacturers in the world. Very few of them have large scale and have obtained a warm reputation around the world. Compared to the manufacturers with small scale, they have many advantages. Luckily, we are one of them. Founded in 2002, we have rich experience of aluminum process for more than 15 years. And our products are selling well all over the world. Our aluminum sheets & coils and aluminum wall sheet export to many countries and areas, such as Australia, Europe, South and Central Asia etc. As an international aluminium cladding manufacturer, all of our products have obtained ISO international certificate. Besides, Jinyang Aluminum would try our best to manufacture the best aluminum products for consumers.

sheet aluminum manufacture factory of Jinyang
Sheet Aluminum Manufacture Factory of Jinyang

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Aluminium Cladding Price

Aluminium cladding price of us is quite competitive. On the one hand, we are factory direct, we are both a manufacturer and supplier. It means that our aluminum alloys products are from our own factory, so we can always monitor its quality and delivery you on time. This can save both your money and time. On the other hand, we have high production efficiency and it is below the average, so aluminium cladding sheet price of us is very reasonable and competitive. Email to us to get the aluminum cladding price list if you need.

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