Typical Aluminium Exterior Cladding Used in Decoration

Aluminium Exterior Cladding

Aluminum exterior cladding is widely used in construction and decoration, and it has excellent properties, such as low weight, it can reduce loads of buildings. Besides, it has higher cost performance and low maintenance cost, that is the reason why it is so popular around the world. But it is difficult to choose aluminum cladding with high quality and reasonable price. More info about aluminum exterior cladding are as follows.


Colorful aluminium composite panels of Jinyang
Colorful Aluminium Composite Panels

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Types of Aluminum Cladding

H 10 Patent glazing
H 11 Curtain walling
H 13 Structural glass assemblies
H 14 Precast concrete and glass lens/floor lights / security panels / pavement lights
H 20 Rigid sheet cladding
H 21 Timber weatherboarding
H 22 Plastics weatherboarding
H 30 Fibre cement profiled sheet cladding / covering
H 31 Metal profiled / flat sheet cladding / covering
H 32 Plastical profiled sheet cladding / covering

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Functions That Exterior Aluminium Cladding Should Have

Exterior aluminum cladding is generally attached to the structure of buildings, it commonly does not responsible for its stability. However, cladding does play an important role, transferring snow loads, wind loads, impact loads and its own weight back  to the framework. Particularly, wind causes both positive and negative stress on the surface of the building, and cladding must have the ability to resist this load. It is important to choose cladding with excellent quality. So what kind of aluminum exterior cladding can called high quality cladding. Here are the answers:

  • Protect buildings from external conditions
  • Prevent the sound transmission
  • Creat an external facade
  • Create an tight building envelope
  • Generate a internal controlled environment
  • Support security and privacy
  • Provide thermal insulation
  • Avoid the spread of fire

It is significant to choose superior quality cladding in construction or decoration, and meet the above conditions that we can called qualified and excellent quality.


Typical Aluminium Exterior Cladding Used in Decoration
Typical Aluminium Exterior Cladding Used in Construction

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Aluminium Exterior Cladding Manufacturers

There are a quantity of aluminium exterior cladding manufacturers all over the world. But a few manufacturers are reliable and responsible. So it is difficult for us to buy aluminum sheet for exterior  from great aluminum processing company. On the contrary, if we buy cladding from inferior aluminum company, on the one hand, the quality can not assured, what is more, frequent after-sale problems can cost consumer a mass of time. On the other hand, the price must be unreasonable. So we should avoid this trap, and buy higher cost performance product. Jinyang Aluminum has rich experience in aluminum processing, and provide a full range of aluminum exterior cladding, we promise we are a reliable and responsible company.  Besides, we are aluminium exterior cladding supplier, our products selling well around the world and win warm reputation whole the world.

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Things We Should Consider Before We Buy Aluminium Exterior Cladding

Aluminum exterior cladding are attached to the structural frame of buildings, and it may include additional components , such as doors, roof lights, windows, gutters, vents etc. Here are things we should consider before we buy aluminum exterior cladding:

  • External and internal conditions
  • Durability
  • How buildings are going to be used
  • Local context
  • Building regulations requirements
  • Appearance
  • Budget
  • Availability
  • Planing requirements
  • Accessibility and buildability
  • Structural requirement
  • Maintenance requirement

High quality, properly-installed, well-designed cladding can help minimize air leakage, maximize thermal performance, and optimize natural daylighting. It is beneficial to reduce the requirement for electrical and mechanical building service, and so can enhance energy efficiency and running cost and lower capital. On the contrary, poor quality, design or installation can reduce aluminum external wall cladding performance and even may lead to safety problems like cladding panels or cladding collapse outing of the structure. So it is important to choose a reliable aluminum exterior cladding supplier.

Jinyang common aluminum exterior cladding
Jinyang Common Aluminum Exterior Cladding

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Aluminium External Wall Cladding Price

Aluminium external wall cladding price is related to many factors, such as processing fee, aluminum ingots price in stock, transportation cost etc. For example, professing fee from different companies have various price, so it is important to choose a company with big scale, usually, this kind of company have high production efficiency and advanced equipment, so the price usually below the average. Besides, different delivery methods have different cost, even different transport company have different price. So when you buy aluminum alloys from abroad, it is vital important to negotiate with the seller for transportation or packaging etc.

We promise we are a responsible and reliable aluminum processing company, moreover, we have rich experience. More info you can contact us, and we can provide you satisfactory answer.

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