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Aluminum alloys is widely used in our daily life and industries due to its excellent characteristics. There are a large amount of aluminum coil suppliers in China, not to mention in the world. In some ways, we are the same as them, that is we are all aluminum processing company. However, to some extent, we are different from them. Since we were founded, we have defined the service concept of customer first. Customer first is not only means we provide the best service and excellent for you, but also means we spare no effort to save money and time for customers through continuous technical  innovation and management innovation. We always emphasize we not only provide the most professional product consulting, but also the most sincere and reliable service.


Aluminum coil suppliers in China
Aluminum coil suppliers – Jinyang Aluminum

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Common Aluminum Alloy Composition and Applications

Alloy Al content (%) Alloying element Uses and refs
1050 99.5 Drawn tube, chemical equipment
1060 99.6 Universal
1070 99.7 Thick-wall drawn tube
1100 99.0 Cu 0.1 Universal, holloware
3003 98.6 Mn 1.2: Cu 0.12 Universal, signs, decorative, rigid foil container
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Different Types of Aluminum Alloys

Series Primary Alloy Elements
1000 Aluminum
2000 Copper
3000 Manganese
4000 Silicon
5000 Magnesium
6000 Magnesium&Silicon

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Aluminum Coil Applications

Aluminum coil alloy is a extremely common alloy metal with so many advantages. Alloy aluminum coil has corrosion resistance, medium strength, light weight, good forming performance and weldability, usually used to make airplane oil pipe, oil tank, as well as the ships` metal parts, transportation vehicles, lamps stent, instrument and rivet, electrical enclosure, metal products, etc. What  are the aluminum coil applications in detail? More information are as follows:

  1. Aluminum coil alloy is commonly used in packaging, transportation, aviation, weapons, decoration, construction, electronic and other area. Aerospace alloy aluminum coil is used for making body frame, rotor, fuel tank, landing gear strut, spacecraft wall plate, aircraft skin, propeller, etc.
  2. Aluminum sheet coil is a important material for automobile transportation. Also used in the subway vehicle, car doors, windows, automobile engine parts, radiator, panels, ship material and wheel hub.
  3. Aluminum coil alloy is used in architectural decoration due to its good process performance, excellent corrosion resistance, welding performance and sufficient strength. Usually used in doors, windows,decorative surface, building structure and ceiling. Such as all sorts of curtain wall profile, decorative pattern plate, pressure plate, color coating coils,etc.
  4. Electronic apploances aluminum roll alloy is usually used for all kinds of bus wiring, electical components, conductor, air conditioning, refrigerator, cable, etc.
  5. Printing aluminum coil alloy is usually used for PS version, aluminum-based PS version is one type of new alloy metal.
  6. Packing alloy aluminum coil is used in cans, raw aluminum usually in the form of coil and sheet as packaging materials,bottles, lid, foil packing and metal cans, etc. Commonly used in food, beverage, cosmetics, cigarette, and medicine.
Aluminum alloys for cars for sale
Aluminum alloys for cars

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Aluminum coil stock for sale
Aluminum coil application-for ships

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Alu Coils Properties

Aluminum is the most abundant element in the world and is the third most common metal including 8% of the earth’s crust. The versatility of aluminum makes it the most common used alloy metal after steel.

Aluminium Material Density

Aluminium is about a third of the density of iron or copper, making it the world’s lightest commercial aluminium alloy. The resulting high strength to weight ratio makes it an important structural material, especially for the transportation industry to increase payload or save fuel.

Aluminum Alloy Tensile Strength

Pure aluminum does not have high tensile strength. But, adding alloying elements (such as silicon,manganese, copper ) can increase the strength of aluminum and produce alloys that are suitable for specific applications. Aluminum is very suitable for a cold environment. Its strength increases with the decrease of temperature, while maintaining its toughness. On the other hand, steel is brittle at low temperature.

Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium

When exposed to air, the surface of the aluminum forms a layer of alumina almost instantaneously. This layer has quite good corrosion resistance. It is quite resistant to most acids, but is not sensitive to alkali.

Thermal Conductivity of Aluminium

The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is almost three times higher than that of steel. This makes aluminum an significant material for cooling and heating applications like heat exchangers. The addition of non-toxic properties means aluminum is widely used for kitchenware and cooking utensils.

Electrical Conductivity of Aluminium

Aluminum has a high electrical conductivity as an electrical conductor along with copper. Although the conductivity of the conductive alloy (1350)  commonly used is only about 62% of the annealed copper, but it is only about a third of its weight, so compared with the same weight of copper, twice its conductive ability can be improved.

Reflectivity of Aluminum

From ultraviolet to infrared, aluminum is an excellent radiant energy reflector. About 80 percent of the visible light reflectance means it is widely used in luminaires. The same reflective properties make aluminum ideal for insulating materials, protecting against the sun’s rays during the summer and insulating the heat from the winter.


Aluminium rolls price
Aluminium rolls for sale

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Aluminum Coil Suppliers in China

As consumers, all of us want to buy aluminum coil with reliable quality and reasonable price. However, in fact, before buying, we often spend a lot of time buying good products, after purchase, we have to cost unnecessary experience and money because of transportation and product quality problems. We can understand consumers feeling, because we not only a aluminum coil supplier-Jinyang Aluminum, we also consumers sometimes. So let`s back to the topic, what advantages do we have?  First of all, we are always stand by consumers. Since we were established, we are committed to improving the process level to improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of consumers. And actually, there are some aluminum coil suppliers in China do not care about consumers` benefits. Comparing to them, we-Jinyang Aluminum are responsible and reliable.


Aluminum coil manufacture and suppliers
Aluminum coil manufacture-Jinyang Aluminum

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Secondly, we have abundant aluminum coil supply. Common aluminum rolls and aluminum plates of different sizes and thicknesses are provided for you. We have sufficient coil aluminum stock, in other words, we are a aluminum coil stock holder with a very large scale. That is to say no matter how much aluminum rolls and other aluminum alloy products you need, we can get ready and make shipments at once.


Last but not least, it is the price issue that both sides are concerned about. We can say it clearly that our aluminum coil prices are highly competitive among all aluminum coil suppliers. In addition to, we have superior quality, complete in specifications and fast delivery. Even more surprising is that we have a special offer to give back to our new and old customers recently. You will get a discount when you buy our products, furthermore, the more you buy, the more discount you will get. In brief, we have lots of advantages compared to the other aluminum coil suppliers.


You will get a different amount of discount  when you buy different quantities. If you would like to get more information about our alloy aluminum coil, please get in touch with us, we will respond you as soon as possible!


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