typical aluminum panel sheet with high quality

Aluminium Wall Sheet

Aluminium wall sheet can be found everywhere. It has high strength, great corrosion resistance and lightweight, it can meet all requirement of construction or decoration material. Aluminium sheet panel is different from aluminium composite panel sheet, though the properties is similar in some extent. Aluminium interior wall panels and exterior aluminium wall cladding have different functions. And we provide painting aluminium cladding and other types of aluminium wall sheet, moreover, we support customized service.


beautiful aluminum wall sheet
Beautiful Aluminum Wall Sheet

Jinyang Aluminium Products For Sale

Alloy: 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000, and 8000 series

Temper: All tempers

Thickness: 0.2-20 mm

Width: 300-1950 mm

Length: Up to 8000 mm/Coil

Surface: Mill finished, pre-coated, embossed, checkered, mirror.

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Types of Aluminum Wall Sheet

H 10 Patent glazing
H 11 Curtain walling
H 13 Structral glass assemblies
H 14 Precast concrete and glass lens/floor lights / security panels / pavement lights
H 20 Rigid sheet cladding
H 21 Timber weatherboarding
H 22 Plastics weatherboarding
H 30 Fibre cement profiled sheet cladding / covering
H 31 Metal profiled / flat sheet cladding / covering
H 32 Palstical profiled sheet cladding / covering

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Aluminium Sheet Panel

We commonly used are 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm thick aluminum panel sheet. Jinyang Aluminum provides complete specifications, like thicknesses, sizes, types and colors, what is more, we support customized service. In brief, we can meet all your needs.

Aluminum Panel Sheet Price

Aluminum panel sheet price is unstable usually, and it is closely related to aluminum ingots price, processing fee and transportation cost etc. So different aluminum processing companies have various prices. Established in 2002, we have rich experience for 15 years, and we always dedicate  to saving time and money for consumers. For example, in terms of transport, we would choose the most suitable and favorable transportation method for customers, this can ensure the fast delivery time and save money. Meanwhile,  as an international enterprise, there are abundant aluminum panels for sale.

We can promise that the aluminum panel sheet price is reasonable and competitive among aluminium panel sheet manufacturers. And compared with  other aluminum panel suppliers, we have excellent home service to solve all kinds of your problems.


aluminum panel sheet factory of Jinyang company
Aluminum Panel Sheet Factory of Jinyang Company

typical aluminum panel sheet with high quality
Typical Aluminum Panel Sheet with High Quality

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Aluminium Panel Thickness Table

Panel thickness Top aluminium PE core Bottom aluminium coating
6 mm 0.5 mm 5. 0 mm 0.5 mm PVDF
5 mm 0.5 mm 4.0 mm 0.5 mm PVDF
4 mm 0.5 mm 3.0 mm 0.5 mm PVDF
4 mm 0.4 mm 3.2 mm 0.4 mm PVDF
4 mm 0.3 mm 3.4 mm 0.3 mm PVDF
3 mm 0.3 mm 2.4 mm 0.3 mm PVDF
3 mm 0.25 mm 2.50 mm 0.25 mm PVDF
3 mm 0.25 mm 2.50 mm 0.25 mm Polyester
3 mm 0.21 mm 2.58 mm 0.21 mm PVDF
3 mm 0.21 mm 2.58 mm 0.21 mm Polyester
2 mm 0.15 mm 1.70 mm 0.15 mm Polyester
1 mm 0.10 mm 0.80 mm 0.10 mm Polyester

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Aluminium Composite Panel Sheet

Aluminium Composite Plate Applications

Aluminium composite plate has a very wide applications in decoration and construction, such as interior aluminum curtain wall, aluminium external wall cladding, entries, sighs & corporate identites, column covers, canopies and more. Aluminium composite material (ACM) or ACP aluminum composite panel can be seen in everywhere around the world, including retail shopping complexs, warehouse, car dealerships, recreation centers, warehouse, gas stations, office buildings and multi-family residential etc. Before you buy aluminum composite panel, you need to know the properties and applications of aluminium composite plate. If you want to aluminum composite panel buy online, you can contact us and get the cheap aluminium composite panel.


aluminum composite panel sheet used in decoration
Aluminum Composite Panel Sheet Used in Decoration

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Comparison of ACP with Other Cladding Material

Properties Alupex 4 mm thick Aluminum 3mm thick Steel 1.5 mm thick Granite 30 mm thick
Weight(kg/㎡ 5.52 7.93 11.14 81
Sound insulation(db) 25 15 5 Structure based
Heat transmission coefficient(kcal/㎡) 5.14 6.4 7.3 Structure based
Flatness Excellent Average Average Good
Weathering Excellent Average Average Good
Fabrication Easy Difficult Difficult Not possible
Maintenance Low High High Average
Installation Easy Extra care Difficult Difficult
Fire properties Good Average Good excellent
Panel size Large Medium Medium Not so large
Handing Easy Not so easy Not so easy Difficult
Overall cost low high high Very high

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Types of Aluminium Composite Panel

There are various types of aluminium composite panel. Aluminum composite panel, also known as ACP panel, it has wonderful properties, like durability, excellent corrosion resistance, fire protection and flexibility. As a leading company, Jinyang has many various aluminum composite panel material, but commonly used are pvdf aluminium composite panel, pe aluminium composite panel and plastic aluminum composite sheet. And there are also special panels, one of them is fire resistant aluminium composite panel, it can support quite high temperatures and often used in special situation.

Comparasion Between Panel Aluminium and Aluminum Composite Cladding

  1. Panel aluminium have different colors and can meet various color requirement of consumers, but there are little colors to choose for aluminum composite cladding, the color mostly used is gray.
  2. Working life. Aluminum composite cladding can used for about 10 years, while panel aluminium can used for more than 50 years.
  3. Aluminum composite caldding product rate generally is from 60% to 70%, while panel aluminium is 100 percent.
  4. Environment protection. Aluminum composite cladding can produce harmful gas, not fire prevention, not easy to recycle in high temperature. And aluminum panels are easy to recycle, fire protection and do not pollute the environment.


excellent aluminum panel sheet
Excellent Aluminum Panel Sheet   

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typical composite aluminum cladding
Typical Composite Aluminum Cladding

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Advantages of Aluminium Wall Sheet

  • Aluminum panel wall has high strength, lightweight and excellent durability. It can reduce the load of building structure and strong enough to provides wide support and various perfect finish.
  • Wall aluminium panels have wonderful flatness, it is conducive for making the ceilings, cladding and coatings.
  • Aluminium wall sheet is a sort of fire protection material and can protect us from these bad issues.
  • It is corrosion resistant, we can use it anywhere and it can bear climate cahnges easily.
  • Aluminum panel wall have different designs, colors and perfect finishes, it can give you a awesome shine of your house.
  • The installation and application of aluminum panel wall is extremely easy and flexible.
  • Wall aluminium panels are quite economical because them can cut to size, this saves a large amount of source and money. At the same time, the prices are much more reasoneable than the other marterials.
  • Aluminum wall sheet is easy to transport because its standard and small size.
  • We can get a greatly strong and fashionable construction with aluminum panel wall for panels, interior and exterior etc.
  • It is a eco-friendly metal material, and won`t destroy the environment , meanwhile, it is 100% recyclable and it is useful to earth and human being.


aluminum wall sheet used in construction
Aluminum Wall Sheet Used in Construction

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Painting Aluminium Cladding

The one advantage of painting aluminium cladding is beautiful appearance. Painting aluminium cladding is getting more and more popular in the world. Jinyang Aluminum, the leading company in Henan, China, providing a full range of colors. We support customized service, can meet all your needs according to your actual situation. Aluminium coated panels are fashionable and elegant, commonly used are black aluminium composite sheet and white aluminum cladding, they are simple and easy to manufacture.


different colors of painting aluminium cladding
Different Colors of Painting Aluminium Cladding

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Aluminium Building Panels

Aluminium building panels can be found everywhere. It has great corrosion resistance, high strength and elegant appearance. Besides, aluminium building panels with superior quality can reduce the load of buildings, making buildings more strong and decrease the impact of weather changes, such as snow, wind etc. Architectural aluminum cladding is popular all over the world, and we provide all sorts of aluminum composite building panels to meet all your requirement. If you want to use it in construction and decoration, you are right, it is your best choice.

Different Types of Aluminium Wall Sheet

Classified by functions, there are aluminum panel sheet and aluminum composite panel. And classified by shapes, there are various cladding, including corrugated aluminum cladding, perforated aluminum composite panel, aluminum column cladding, aluminum interlocking panels, brushed aluminium composite sheet and aluminium composite panel wood finish. More details about these different types of aluminium wall sheet, please click the button  or email to us.

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Aluminium Interior Wall Panels

Aluminium interior wall panels are one kind of aluminium wall sheet. This wall sheet metal is washable, durability and with wonderful corrosion resistance, very high strength and quite beautiful appearance. It is widely used for interior decoration such as curtain cladding, office partition, table, fall ceiling installation, pillars covering that adds to elegant appearance and strength. Of course, it also can used in many other fields like column covers, door hardware, lobby desk, ceiling panels and shelving brackets etc.


interior aluminum wall panel
Interior Aluminum Wall Panel

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Exterior Aluminium Wall Cladding

Exterior aluminum cladding is usually related to the structure of construction, it does not account for its stability. However, exterior wall cladding does play a significant role in tranferring wind loads, snow loads, impact loads and its own weight back to framework. Especially, wind has both positive and negative stress on the surface of buildings, so exterior cladding have to have the ability to share the load. It is so important to choose high quality cladding. But what are the features cladding should have? Answers are as follows:

  • Creat an external facade
  • Support privacy and safety
  • Prevent the spread of fire
  • Provide thermal insulation
  • Form an internal controlled environment
  • Prevent the sound transmission

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Aluminum Wall Cladding Price

To tell you the truth, aluminum wall cladding price is not stable, because it  is strongly related to aluminum ingots in the stock market, processing fees, transport costs, etc. We believe price is important to every buyers, sometimes, it can be the decisive factor that affect the consumer behavior. So it is essential to choose a supplier with reasonable price. At times, once you made the wrong decision, it means you could waste lots of money and time.

Jinyang company always hold the idea “customers priority”, for example, in terms of the transportation, we will choose the most suitable transportation way, make sure the fast delivery time and less cost. We will try our best to save time and money for consumers. As an experienced enterprise, we have abundant aluminum wall panels for sale.  Besides, our aluminum wall cladding price is very competitive in the global market. Superior quality, reasonable price and intimate service are provided for you all the time. We can promise there no other companies that have such favorable price like us. Last but not least, contact with us for the aluminum cladding price list.

common aluminium wall sheet for sale
Common Aluminium Wall Sheet

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Aluminum Wall Panels Manufacturers

There are a large amount of aluminum wall panels manufacturers in the global market. As an international aluminum processing company, we are both a manufacturer and supplier. How to become competitive among these manufacturers is always our topic. And we have concluded that the aluminum alloys products we manufactured must have superior quality and reasonable price, through 15 year`s development, we make it.

The success of Jinyang LuYe Co, Ltd attribute to two reasons. On the one hand, we have benefited a lot from the peaceful international situation and the open policy of China. With the deepening of globalization, we have to constantly improve the product quality standard and production efficiency. This action make Jinyang products reach the international advanced level. What is more, the government gives us a lot of policy support, and we have been enjoying the big bonus of China`s development, like labour force and markets etc. On the other hand, the success is closely related to our endeavor, over these years, Jinyang staff always spare no effort to contribute ourselves to the development of Jinyang company. That is the basic reason why we are growing so fast.


the meeting room of Jinyang company
The Meeting Room of Jinyang Company

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Aluminium wall sheet has lots of great properties, specially used in construction and decoration. Any questions about aluminium wall sheet, please leave a message or email to us, we will respond you as soon as possible.


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