aluminum plate panels with different colors

Aluminium Sheet Panel

Aluminium sheet panel is can easily found in everywhere. It meets our requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation. What is more, it has lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistance. Comparing with aluminum composite panel sheet, the fire prevention is stronger, easy to recycle and do not pollute the environment. It is quite a perfect material for construction and decoration.

aluminum plate panels with different colors
Aluminum Plate Panels with Different Colors

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Aluminium Panel Thickness Table

Panel thickness Top aluminium PE core Bottom aluminium coating
6 mm 0.5 mm 5. 0 mm 0.5 mm PVDF
5 mm 0.5 mm 4.0 mm 0.5 mm PVDF
4 mm 0.5 mm 3.0 mm 0.5 mm PVDF
4 mm 0.4 mm 3.2 mm 0.4 mm PVDF
4 mm 0.3 mm 3.4 mm 0.3 mm PVDF
3 mm 0.3 mm 2.4 mm 0.3 mm PVDF
3 mm 0.25 mm 2.50 mm 0.25 mm PVDF
3 mm 0.25 mm 2.50 mm 0.25 mm Polyester
3 mm 0.21 mm 2.58 mm 0.21 mm PVDF
3 mm 0.21 mm 2.58 mm 0.21 mm Polyester
2 mm 0.15 mm 1.70 mm 0.15 mm Polyester
1 mm 0.10 mm 0.80 mm 0.10 mm Polyester

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Aluminum panel thickness is must be considered carefully before buying for consumers, because different thicknesses aluminum sheet panel have different applications. And this is also rely on the requirement of customer. Commonly we used are 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm,6 mm thick aluminum plate panels.  We, Jinyang company provides a full range of thicknesses to make sure meet all your  kinds of needs.


aluminium sheet panel with common thickness
Aluminium Sheet Panel with Common Thickness

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Advantages of Aluminium Sheet Panel

  • Aluminum sheet panel are quite relatively light weight that the other alloys metal materials available.
  • Aluminum metal panels have perfect flatness, it is useful for making the cladding, ceilings and coatings.
  • It is eco-friendly and won`t damage the environment, it is conducive to human being and homeland.
  • It is a kind of fire protection material and will protect us from these issues.
  • Aluminium sheet panel are very economical since you can cut it to size, which prevents the waste of source and money. Meanwhile, the prices are competitive than the other materials.
  • The durability and strength of aluminum sheet metal panels are quite high. It is strong which provides wide support and perfect finish.
  • We can use it anywhere since it is corrosion resistant and can understand climatic changes easily.
  • The application and installation of aluminum plate panels is quite easy and flexible.
  • Aluminum sheet metal panels are available in various designs, colors and amazing finishes
  • We can transport the panel sheet easily due to its standard and small sizes.
  •  which give you a perfect shine of your construction.
  • We can get a highly strong and modern construction with aluminum sheet panels for interior, exterior, panels and so on.
aluminum sheet panel application in decoration
Aluminum Sheet Panel Application in Decoration

aluminum panel sheet used in exterior wall
Aluminum Panel Sheet Used in Exterior Wall

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Aluminum Panel Sheet Price

Aluminum panel sheet price is significant for most buyers. No matter what we buy, the price is important to us, sometimes, it can be the decisive factor. Aluminium panel price is influenced by many factors, such as aluminum ingot price, production process fee and transport cost. So the price is not stable. Different aluminum panel sheet suppliers have different  prices. So we should keep careful when we buy aluminum sheet metal to ensure we can purchase panel aluminum with superior quality and favorable price.


Jinyang Aluminum always uphold the idea “customers first” , and we will always spare no effort to provide high-effective products for consumers. In brief, aluminium panel price of us is absolute competitive and reasonable in the global market.

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Aluminum Panel Suppliers

There are so many aluminium panel sheet manufacturers and aluminum panel suppliers in the world, but we have to admit that a few of them can provide products with superior quality and favorable price. Luckily, Jinyang Co, Ltd is one of the a few through 15 year`s development. Founded in 2002,  we have 8 production lines and 113 professional expert member, and we are both a supplier and manufacturer. So we are factory direct and have absolute price advantage. Comparing to the other aluminum panel suppliers, consumers can save lots of money buying products from us.


typical aluminium sheet panel
Typical Aluminium Sheet Panel of Jinyang Company

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Aluminum Panels for Sale

As an international company, Jinyang Aluminium have abundant aluminum panels for sale. There are a full range of thicknesses, sizes, types and colors of aluminum panels. All of our products have obtained ISO international certification, besides, we have strict test procedure to ensure products with high quality. What is more, we have responsible after-sale team, to make sure you can have a satisfying buying experience. Because of the factory direct, our aluminum panel sheet price is favorable and reasonable.


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