common aluminum sheet 4x8 for sale

4×8 Aluminum Sheets for Sale

Aluminium sheet 4×8 is the most common size of sheet aluminum. It has good properties, and is easy to transport. We provide all kinds of 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale, such as aluminum tread plate 4×8 and embossed aluminum plate 4×8. Different types of  8 x 4 aluminum sheet have different price. 4×8 aluminum sheet cost is also closely related to its weight and thickness, production process fee etc. As a global company, Jinyang Aluminum, promising we have the most competitive price and superior quality.


1050 h14 aluminium sheet
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Jinyang Aluminium Products For Sale

Alloy: 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000, and 8000 series

Size: according to your requirement

Temper: All tempers

Thickness: 0.2-20 mm

Width: 300-1950 mm

Length: Up to 8000 mm/Coil

Surface: Mill finished, pre-coated, embossed, checkered, mirror, etc.

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Aluminium Sheet 4×8

Aluminum sheet 4×8 is the most common used size. It means the width is 1220 mm and the length is 2440 mm of the sheet. The aluminum material that the thickness from 0.2 mm to 500 mm, the width above 200 mm and the length below 16 m is called aluminum sheet. It is made of aluminum ingots, and it can be divided into five categories according to its thickness, including the thin sheet aluminum and general thick sheet. It can be also divided into the pure sheet and aluminum alloys sheet according to its component. Sheets of aluminum 4×8 is widely applied in all walks of life, like automobile, construction, decoration and transportation etc.


common aluminum sheet 4x8 for sale
Common Aluminum Sheet 4×8 for Sale

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There are lots of advantages of aluminium sheet 4×8. First of all, it has the general excellent properties of aluminum sheet, high strength, light weight, wonderful conductivity and great corrosion resistance. That is the reason why aluminum alloys are so popular around the world. Secondly, it is very convenient to transport because of its suitable size. So you can save a large amount of money and energy. If you haven’t decided what size to buy? Why do not think about the aluminum sheet 4×8. Besides, there are enough 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale with discount price of Jinyang Co, Ltd.

aluminum sheet 4x8 with beautiful finish for sale
Aluminum Sheet 4×8 with Beautiful Finish

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How Much Does a 4×8 Sheet of Aluminum Cost

How much does a 4×8 sheet of aluminum cost? This is an important question, because the 4×8 aluminum sheet cost of different aluminum alloy suppliers is quite very different. Because 4×8 aluminum sheet prices are related to many factors, such as production processing fee, aluminum ingots price and transportation cost etc. In terms as processing fee, the production efficiency and capability of various company is different, so the prices are different. In the matter of fact, companies that have high production capability, long history and large scale, usually 4×8 aluminum sheet cost of them is reasonable and favorable. Luckily, Jinyang Aluminum, as an international aluminum processing company, we have absolute advantages of 4×8 aluminum sheet prices. What is more, we have abundant 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale, which can ensure the fast delivery time.

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Different Types of Aluminium Sheet 4×8

Aluminum sheet 4×8 is the most common used size of sheet aluminum, and it is also our hot product. There are many different types of aluminium sheet 4×8 of Jinyang. The commonly used is pure aluminum alloys, that is, 1000-series alloy, mainly includes 1050 alloy, 1060 aluminum alloy and 1100 alloy. Of course, we have lots of other series aluminum alloy for sale, such as 3000-series aluminum alloy, 5000-series alloy and 8000-series. Besides, we support customized service, this means we have different sizes of sheet for sale, like 2×4 aluminum sheet, 6 x 8 aluminum sheet and so on. What is more, there are many special aluminum sheet for sale, such as aluminum tread plate sheet 4×8 and diamond plate aluminum sheets 4×8 etc. Different types aluminium sheet 4×8 have different applications. So we should choose aluminum sheet according to our actual situation.

Different Types of Aluminium Sheet 4x8
Different Types of Aluminium Sheet 4×8

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Aluminum Tread Plate 4×8

Aluminum tread plate 4×8 is the most common used size of aluminium tread plate. It can  be divided into different types according to different patterns, like 5-bar aluminum tread plate, stucco tread plate and compass pattern tread plate etc. Aluminum tread plate sheet 4×8 can be often founded everywhere, in elevator, stairs, school, hotels, hospital and so on. Jinyang Co,Ltd, providing a full range of 8 x 4 aluminum sheet, with quite high quality and reasonable price. We commonly used are 3003-H22 sheet aluminum 4×8 and 6061-T6 aluminum 4×8 sheets, they are highly polished and mill finish.

Diamond Plate Aluminum Sheets 4×8

The excellent shine of diamond plate aluminum sheets 4×8 adds sparkle. Aluminum diamond plate, tread bright, aluminum tread plate and aluminum floor plate, this economical, highly reflective product are widely used in decoration, architectural and cosmetic applications.  having great drilling, forming and welding ability, diamond plate aluminum sheet metal is very easy to manufacture and its raised diamond pattern provides excellent slip resistance. It can be divided into several types according to the difference of its alloy material. And it has a very wide application, like flooring, loading ramps, dock flooring, elevator floors, trench covers, stair treads, freezers floors, etc. providing very good corrosion resistance and strength, aluminum diamond plate 4×8 is easy to machine and weld.

Typical Diamond Plate Aluminum Sheets 4x8 for sale
Typical Diamond Plate Aluminum Sheets 4×8

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Buy 4×8 Aluminum Sheet

Nowadays, there are a lot of aluminum alloys manufacturers & suppliers. What is more, with the development of globalization, it is very difficult for consumers to buy 4×8 aluminum sheet. So know how to find high quality aluminum sheet suppliers is important for us. Here are some tips. Firstly, generally speaking, the longer the manufacturer or supplier run the business, the more reliable the company is.  Because time could weed out unreliable firms. Next, we can go to the factory of suppliers for field trips or view comments from other consumers. All in all, this is a interconnected world, we can find lots of information about manufacturers. Thirdly, we should compare the prices of different suppliers, because different suppliers have different prices. And then combine all the methods to make the right decision. If you master these methods, it will be easy for you to buy 4×8 aluminum sheet. By the way, Jinyang Co,Ltd is an international aluminum processing company, providing complete sizes of aluminum sheet. If you want to buy 4×8 aluminum sheet, please contact us to get 4×8 aluminum sheet with high quality and reasonable price. There are 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale of Jinyang company, welcome to email to us for price list or more information.


typical aluminum sheets 4x8 of Jinyang company
Typical Aluminum Sheets 4×8 of Jinyang Company

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4×8 Aluminum Sheets for Sale

As a 4×8 aluminum sheets manufacturer and supplier, we have many absolute advantages. First of all, there are abundant 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale of Jinyang company. So we can make sure the fast delivery time, at the same time, we can save lots of time and money for you. Secondly, 4×8 sheet of aluminum for sale is one of our most important business. And our products are selling well around the world, moreover, we have obtained a warm reputation from our consumers. Hence, we promise we have the best aluminum alloys and service. The last but not least, 4×8 aluminum sheet prices of us are completely competitive whole the world. What is more, we have so many loyal customers in the world after our  15 years of development. At present, our 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale with discount price, contact us for higher discount.

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Aluminum Diamond Plate 4×8 Sheet Price

Aluminum diamond plate 4×8 sheet price are closely related to its types. There are different types of aluminum diamond plate 4×8, including ordinary aluminium tread sheet, Al- Mn alloy diamond sheet and Al-Mg alloy diamond plate sheet. Different kinds of types have different properties and prices. For example, common diamond aluminum sheet is relatively cheap, and it can only adapt to the common environment. Moreover, 4×8 aluminum diamond plate price is also concerned with production process fee and transportation cost. For example, transportation of air is more expensive than land. So if the condition permits, we will use the land or sea transportation to deliver your goods. As an international aluminum alloys products supplier, we have to say aluminum diamond plate 4×8 sheet price of Jinyang is quite reasonable and competitive. Besides, we have high quality 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale, welcome to contact us. And we will give you a perfect and unforgettable shopping experience.

Diamond Aluminum Sheets 4x8 applied in floor
Diamond Aluminum Sheets 4×8 Applied in Floor

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Aluminum Diamond Plate 4×8 Sheet Weight

Aluminum diamond plate 4×8 sheet weight is easily calculated. Simply multiply the suitable alloy density by the thickness, length and width of the part. For an exact calculation it is also significant to allow for rolling tolerance which influence the thickness and cutting tolerances which influence the length and width. Usually, the alloy density is up to its chemical composition, the pure aluminum alloys are lighter and those which have content of other elements are heavier. So the density chart is important for calculating the weight of sheet aluminum. If interested in this, please contact us for the alloy density chart. By the way, aluminum diamond plate 4×8 sheet weight is closely related to aluminum diamond plate 4×8 sheet price, and the weight is heavier of the same alloy, the price is higher. Moreover, we have enough 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale, with a full range of types, ensuring meet all your requirement.

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Aluminum Diamond Plate for Sale 4×8

Aluminum diamond plate for sale 4×8 is our main business. Our 4 foot by 8 foot aluminum sheet  is selling well, and we have won a warm reputation at home and abroad. Jinyang, founded in 2002, specializing in aluminum production processing for 15 years, usual high quality and competitive price products, and intimate service, bring us numerous loyal customers. Aluminium sheet 4×8 is our featured product, abundant 4×8 aluminum sheets for sale, ensure fast delivery time for you.

abundant aluminum sheet 4x8 of Jinyang Aluminum
Abundant Aluminum Sheet 4×8 For Sale

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