1100 h14 aluminum coil

1100 Aluminum Coil

1100 aluminum coil is a commonly used pure aluminum, and it is relatively cheaper than higher grades aluminum alloys. The aluminum content of 1100 series aluminum is 99 percent. It has high corrosion resistance, conductivity and thermal conductivity, low density and good plasticity but low strength. The 1100 aluminum alloy is usually used for products that with good forming process, high corrosion resistance and high strength. It not can strengthened by heat treatment, only by cold deformation. 1100 h14 aluminum is the most weldable aluminum alloy. Also non-heat treatment. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used in chemical industry and food processing industry. It works well in decoration, making it suitable for gift.


1100 aluminium roll for sale
1100 aluminium roll for sale

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Nowadays, people are used to buy aluminum online. Online aluminum sales are also extremely popular for aluminum suppliers. Because there is a broader market for them and it is convenient for customers. In the period of online trade, enterprises need to be more responsible and more creditworthy. As a aluminum processing company, we think we have made it. Our aluminum alloys have saled to over  dozens of countries and received widespread praise by our high quality products and considerate services.

1100 Aluminum Coil specifications

Typical alloy 1100 Aluminum Coil
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38
Thickness (mm) 0.2-4.5mm
Width (mm) 100-2600mm
Length (mm) 500-16000mm
Typical products Heat excahnger, kitchen utensils, processing equipment, chemiacal storage etc.

Note: support customized

1100 aluminum coil price
1100 aluminum coil for sale

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1100 Aluminum Coil Composition

Aluminum 99.0- 99.95%
Copper 0.05-0.20%
Iron 0.95%max
Maganese 0.05%max
Silicon 0.95%max
Zinc 0.1%max
Residuals 0.15%max

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Aluminum 1100 VS 6061

1100 aluminum alloy is a part of aluminum 1000-series, also namely the pure aluminum alloy. The aluminum content of 1100 aluminum coil /sheet is more than 99 percent. While aluminum 6061 is different, the main alloy elements are maganesiu and silicon, With moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, good oxidation effect. It is widely used in all kinds of industrial structures requiring a certain degree of strength and resistance to antibiotics.


The 1100 aluminum sheet is usually used in heat sinks, bottle caps, printing plates, heat exchanger components, building material, utensils, and can also be used as deep stamping produdcts. It is widely used in extensive fields from kitchenware to industrial equipment. 6061 usually used in all various sorts of industrial structures that require a certain strength, such as trucks, ships, trains, furniture, machinery parts, precision machining, industrial materials etc.

1100 h14 Aluminum Properties

1100-h14 aluminum is a kind of 1100 pure aluminum. It is configured under high pressure. In order to achieve this temperature, the metal is hardened into a strength, approximately between annealing (O) and all hard (H18). The 1100 h14 aluminum is commercial pure aluminum. It is soft, tenacious and has good working ability. It is suitable for complex molding applications because its hardness is much slower than other alloys. Either way, it is the most weldable aluminum alloy. Non-heat treatment. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used in chemical industry and food processing industry. It works well for decoration, making it suitable for gifts.


1100 h14 aluminum coil
1100 h14 aluminum coil

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Buy Aluminum Online

With the development of technology and economy, at present, all of us are in the globe village. And this is a information-based society. The application of technology make our life convenient. There are lots of online store and more more people prefer buy aluminum online. It is a saving of their time and money for customs. For example,on the one hand, the occurrence of the press make buyers need not to stores in person and maybe stores are so far, today, we just need to stay at home and the goods would delivery to our hands. On the other hand, we can look through all the goods we want to buy and compare them together. so we can choose goods not only have good quality but also reasonable price.


Now, more aluminum suppliers and manufactures prefer to online aluminum sales because of the broader markets and there is not a exception of us-Jinyang Aluminum. At present, our products sale to dozens of countries all over the world. Besides, the products and services of us won a great reputation from our customs. If you would like to buy aluminum online and are considering about where to buy aluminum near me, Jinyang company maybe  the best choice for you, we have overseas branches, so we can delivery the goods from the latest warehouse. It has to say that can save lots of time of you.

1100 aluminum coil for sale
1100 aluminum coil manufacturer and supplier

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Aluminium Coil Price

The aluminum coil price include two parts, that day the stock market aluminum ingot closing price and the processing charges. Therefore, the price of aluminum roll is not stable due to the aluminum ingot closing price is up-and-down. But we are trying our best to reduce the cost of customers by improve the production efficiency. So we can guarantee the price of us is favorable.


As a industrial and trade integration aluminum processing company, quality and price are our advantages. First and foremost, we can monitor and control production process all the time and we have very strict quality test  procedures. So the products quality is guaranteed. Secondly, Self-marketing, reduce the intermediate links, the price more reasonable.  In a word, our aluminum alloys are competitive among aluminium sheet coil suppliers in China. If you do no know where to purchase aluminum or wholesale aluminum, we are the answer. We provide different sizes and various thickness of aluminum alloys. At the same time, custom aluminum coil or aluminum roll are accepted by us. You can buy all kinds of aluminum alloys products from us.


Jinyang LUYE CO. Ltd is a aluminum processing company that involved research, design, manufacture and sales. Nowadays,  we have established several joint venture companies around the world. All of our products are attained ISO international certification.  So if you want to order aluminum online, you can choose the responsible and reliable Jinyang company. We not only have the professional technical team but also the responsible after-sale team, any questions about aluminum products,our team will be ready to answer for you anytime. Interested in our 1100 aluminum coil or other aluminum alloys, please leave your message, we will respond you as soon as possible.


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