1mm aluminium sheet price sales

1 mm Aluminium Sheet

The thickness of aluminum plate from 0.15 mm to 2.0 mm is called thin aluminum plate. 1 mm aluminium sheet is a thin aluminum plate. And this kind of aluminum sheet is commonly used in many walks of our life, such as packaging industry, food industry, construction industry, cosmetics industry, etc. Aluminum plate is a rectangular plate made of aluminum ingots. It is divided into pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, thin aluminum plate, medium thickness aluminum plate and aluminium chequer plate sheet. Furthermore, the 1 mm aluminium sheet price of us is quit competitive at home and abroad.


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1mm aluminium sheet price
aluminium sheet 1mm price suppliers
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1mm Aluminum Sheet Parameter

Typical alloy: 1 mm aluminum sheet

Thickness (mm): 1

Width (mm): 100-1600

Length (mm): 800-6000

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 MT

Application: Package, construction, cosmetics industry

Note:  support customized

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Jinyang Aluminum manufactures all kinds of  sizes aluminum alloy sheet, including 0.5 mm/ 1 mm/ 2 mm/ 3 mm aluminium sheet.  At the same time, we product various  types aluminum sheet, such as 1050 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet, 1100 aluminum sheet, 3003 aluminum sheet and so on. In addition, we accept customized aluminum plates according to your practical condition. We will strictly follow the production process to provide the aluminum plate according to your requirements. As a fully experienced aluminum processing company, we have a lot of advantages, such as qualified product, fast delivery time, competitive price and so on. Every one need partners, we will be your best friends with sincere and win-mutual. Action, let us be a part of your success story and enjoy the beautiful scenery together.

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1 mm Aluminium Sheet Price

1 mm aluminum sheet price is consist of two parts, Aluminum ingots on the stock market close and our aluminum processing price. So 1 mm aluminium sheet price is up-and-down, but the tolerance is not big. We have all sorts of types of aluminum sheet, you can choose the suitable thickness aluminum plate according to your actual situation. 1 mm aluminum sheet is thin aluminum sheet, usually used in packaging. The price of 1000-series pure aluminum  is cheaper than 3000-series aluminum alloy or other higher aluminum grades.


1mm aluminium sheet price sales
Jinyang 1 mm Aluminium Sheet for Sale

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Our company aims at customer first. Over these years, we dedicate to provide the best products and the best service through innovation. We spend a quantity of funds to improve the productive technology and product quality. Try to decrease the cost of customers by increase the production efficiency. We believe the best result is win-mutual. Whether in product procedure or in sell stage, we adopt the most advanced  method in the world.


As a comprehensive company, we are a aluminum sheet manufacture and aluminum sheet supplier as well. Not like the company just trade or manufacture, they usually are small scale and almost have no research ability. Compared to them, we are completely big and have enough ability to research, design, product and sell. The products are sold directly by us and there are no agent. Additional sales procedures mean extra costs. Therefore, the method of factory direct sales helps customers save a lot of money. This is a big advantage for us. So we are quite confidence in our 1 mm aluminium sheet price, and believe you will satisfied with us. If interested in our 1 mm aluminium sheet or want to get more information of it, contact us.


aluminium sheet 1mm price
Jinyang Aluminium Sheet Package in Our Factory

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1 mm Aluminium Sheet for Sale

As a professional aluminum processing company over 15 years, we have various different aluminum alloy products and can satisfy your all kinds of requirements. Apart from 1 mm aluminum sheet, we have other thickness and sizes products you need. Moreover, custom aluminum alloys is accepted by us. All in all, you can get any aluminum alloy sheet metal you need.


In addition, we have special aluminum sheet metals, such as aircraft grade aluminium sheet, marine grade aluminium plate, brushed aluminium plate, aluminium checkered sheet, etc. Different  aluminum plate have different applications, the thick aluminum sheet usually used in construction, transportation and other fields, the thin aluminum sheet often used in packaging and other walks of life.


We are industrial and trade integration company. We use the most advanced product technology and contribute to provide the best products and service. We always insist on quality priority to make sure our products can use long time and zero error. Through these years practice, we are so confidence in our products quality. Besides, the 1 mm aluminium sheet price is quite attractive.


Jinyang 1 mm aluminium sheet sample
Jinyang 1 mm aluminium sheet sample

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Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer – Jinyang Aluminum

As a aluminum sheet manufacture and supplier, Jinyang Aluminum bears social responsibility while provide the best products and service for 16 years. Both in these aspects, we have  made great success.

  1. Green products. When the company started, we want to develop it a environment-friendly corporation, because we understand once the environment is destroyed, it is difficult and even can`t repaired in the future. We decide to manufacture green products to protect our common home.
  2. special service experience. We dedicate to create the best products in the world. While you purchase our products, we would spare no effort to solve your any question. We will provide the best after-sale service to resolve your all kinds of problems.
  3. High quality. Each of our products is subject to strict quality inspection. And all of our products obtained the international certification. We are responsible for our whole products.
  4. High production efficiency. We have created many miracles with our advanced technology. There are abundant aluminum alloy stock to make sure delivery the goods for buyers timely.
  5. Suitable price. We have not forgotten to create values for the buyer while we are developing. We strive to increase production efficiency to reduce the cost of buyers.
Jinyang aluminum processing factory
Jinyang aluminum processing factory

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It is our great pleasure to cooperate with you or help you resolve any questions about aluminum and aluminum alloys. If you are interested in our 1 mm aluminium sheet or other sizes of aluminum sheet, or have some doubts in our 1 mm aluminium sheet price, please get in touch with us. We will respond you with our profession and sincere. While you are finding where to buy aluminum sheet metal, Jinyang Aluminum is the best answer. Looking forward you to cooperating with you.


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