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Jinyang Aluminium is a professional aluminum alloys manufacturer and supplier. Established in 2002, we have accumulated rich experience in design, reseach and production of recycled aluminium products. Located near the capital of Henan province, Zhengzhou city, we enjoy quite convenient railway, highway and air transportation. Furthemore, we provide a full range of aluminum sheets and aluminum coils and support customized service. The main products of us are series aluminium 1, 3, 5, 6, 8. We have absolute advantages compared with the other aluminium alloys suppliers, like superior quality, favorable price, intimate service etc.

As an international aluminium alloys manufacturer and supplier, we have rich experience for more than 15 years. Advanced technology and equipment, excellent management system and professional team make our products selling well and enjoying high reputation at home and abroad. Our products include 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 series of aluminium sheet & coil with various thicknesses and sizes, the hot aluminum alloys are 1050 aluminum alloys, 1060 aluminum alloys, 1100 aluminum alloys, 3003 aluminum sheet and so on. What is more, we have perfect after-sale system to ensure you have an excellent use experience. Our products are mainly used in automobiles, electronic, transportation industries, packaging, printing, etc.

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Top-selling Products

The properties and applications of 1050 aluminium alloy and 1060 aluminium alloy are relatively similar.  They are both industrial pure aluminium, with corrosion resistance, high plasticity, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Easy to bear a variety of stress processing , bending and extension, make they are suitable material for our daily life. In brief, they are commonly used in conventional industry and our daily life with higher cost performance.

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1100 aluminium sheet & coil is one of the 1000 series aluminum alloy and is a sort of industrial pure aluminum. The aluminum content of it is 99.0%. It can not be strengthened by heat treatment but cold deformation. With high corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, good plasticity and small density, but low strength, it can produce various aluminum products through the pressure processing. It is extensively used in wide fields from kitchenware to industrial equipment.

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Different from 1000-series aluminum alloy, 3003 aluminium sheet & coil is Al-Mn alloy. Because added the manganese element, they have excellent anti-rust properties and is also commonly called anti-rust aluminum plate. The strength is almost 10% higher than 1000-series aluminum alloy. Nowadays, 3003 aluminium sheet and coil are the most used anti-rust aluminum. It is mainly used in outer packing, mechanical parts and other products usually in humid environment.

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As an international aluminum alloys manufacturer and supplier, we have sufficient and different series aluminum for sale. We provide a full range of aluminum sheet and coil including 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 series. The hot-selling products of us are 1050 aluminum sheet & coil, 1060 aluminum sheet & coil, 1100 aluminum sheet & coil and 3003 aluminum sheet. Welcome to contact us, we will answer you as soon as possible.


The price of aluminum alloys for sale in Jinyang Aluminum are related to their grades. Besides, the thicknesses and sizes are also primary factors of our aluminum alloys price. In addition to, different weight have different price. We always use materials with best quality. Furthermore, we have the most advanced technology and equipment, and professional service, we have to say our aluminum alloys price is quite competitive compare with other aluminum processing companies. That is say, we have favorable price. Want to know more info, you can leave a message or E-mail to us.

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Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum alloys are the most sufficient metal around the world and are the third most common element that consist of 8% of the earth`s crust. Not only the versatility but economy make aluminum alloys the most widely used metal after steel.


As an aluminum plate supplier, Jinyang know how unbelievable versatile aluminum is, with a large amount of uses and applications. Aluminum plate is made by passing the aluminum metal through high pressure rollers so that it is forced into a longer, thinner shape, a dramatically simple process that is also used to create aluminium coil and aluminium sheet. Even as skilled aluminum stockists, we still feel impressive of aluminum sheet production. The rolling process is massive, pre-heated sheet metal ingots weigh 20 tons. The aluminum ingots are around twenty feet long, six feet wide and over two feet thick. They are pour into a breakdown mill and rolled back and forth till the sheet metal reaches the true thickness. The sheet is heat-treated and then cooled quickly in a step called “quenching”, in order to make the finished item as durable and strong. Straightening and streching the sheet in this step relieves the build-up of inner pressure, then, at predetermined temperatures, the plates are trimmed to size and "aged" to give them the required performance. After leaving the size reduction machinery, will become thin sheet or aluminum foil, and then through the so-called "continuous mill", to make it thinner than before, and then in the reheating furnace, make it soften for “cold rolling”. Cold rolling is usually the final stage of the sheet production process, but for other applications, additional heat treatment increases the strength of the material.

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Jinyang, an international aluminium alloys manufacturer and supplier, we have rich experience for more than 15 years. Advanced technology and equipment, excellent management system and professional team make our products selling well and enjoying high reputation at home and abroad. Our products include 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 series of aluminium sheet & coil with various thicknesses and sizes, the hot aluminum alloys are 1050 aluminum alloys, 1060 aluminum alloys, 1100 aluminum alloys, 3003 aluminum sheet and so on. What is more, we have excellent after-sale system to ensure you have a perfect use experience.


We have lots of advantages compared with other aluminum alloys suppliers. Firstly, we have advanced technology and equipment and perfect management system. This advantage make our products with superior quality, reasonable price and fast delivery selling well around the world, besides, our aluminum and aluminum alloys have won a warm reputation at home and abroad. Secondly, we have a completely full range of products. Common aluminum alloys like 1000-series pure alloys and 3000-series anti-rust metal, we also provide special alloys aluminum, such as marine aluminum plate, aircraft grade aluminium sheet, aluminum sheet roofing, aluminium wall sheets etc. furthermore, we supply deep processing products like aluminium tread sheet, embossed aluminum plate,aluminum plain sheet, specular aluminum sheet, brushed aluminium plate, coated aluminum sheet and anodized aluminium plate etc. Last but not least, there are strict quality control procedure and excellent after-sale service, to make sure consumers can get perfect experience both before and after purchase.

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Advantages of Aluminium Alloys

Aluminum alloys are widely used in a broad fields, both in industrial fields and daily necessities like light fixtures, packaging, marine, aircraft, construction etc. The reason why alloys aluminium is so popular around the world is its great properties.

High strength low density
Nowadays, aluminum alloys are widely used in automobiles, transportation, areoplane, vessel, construction, decoration etc. We believe it must be due to its low aluminum density and high strength. For example, cars that manufactured by aluminum alloys is lighter than other alloys material. On the one hand, it lightened vehicle weight so that reduce fuel used, on the other hand, it can increase cars use time.

Excellent corrosion resistance
While aluminum alloys exposed to air, the surface of alloy forms a layer of aluminum oxide almost instantly. This layer has good resistance to corrosion. This feature makes aluminum alloy become popular in autmobiles, construction, areoplane etc.

Good thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of alloys aluminum is almost three times stronger than that of steel. This characteristic makes aluminium alloys an significant material for both cooling and heating applies like heat-exchangers. Adding to it being non-toxic this feature make aluminium used broadly in kitchen ware and cooking utensils.

Great electrical conductivity
Aluminium has an excellent electrical conductivity for use as an electrical conductor. The conductivity of the usually used conducting alloy (1350) is only about 62% of annealed copper, it is just the third the weight and can conduct twice as much electricity while compared with copper of the same weight.

Remarkable reflectivity
From UV to infra-red, alloy aluminum is a good reflector. Visible light reflectivity is about 80%, which means it is extensively used in lamps. What is more, aluminum alloys can be used for decorative applications. It is usually used as aluminum panel curtain wall and ceiling.

Aluminum is a quite important element to our manfacturing and energy furture. Furthermore, it is the most sufficient metal aross the world and is the third most common element of the earth`s crust comprising 8%. So aluminum alloys are quite cost-effective comparing with the other alloys.

Enterprise Culture

Enterprise culture is a soft power of a company. Good company culture can unite strength to promote the company's sustainable development. At the same time, the enterprise culture reflects the comprehensive power and the civilization level of an enterprise, which also the source of creativity. In the background of globalization, facing the new tasks, new circumstance, new opprtunities and new challenges, we need to guide our actions with corporate culture in the fierce market competitive.

Enterprise spirit
Consensus, solidarity, sharing weal and woe

Truth, quality and development seeking

Company purpose
Quality products

Sincere service

Innovative development

Development Goal of Enterprise
Creat values for customs

Seek development for emplorees

Share responsibility for the society

Ecoligical Positioning of Enterprise
Green production

Intelligent manufacturing

Living environment improvement


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